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2016/03/29 15:30
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  2016 March 23-25,Shaanxi Teamhan Biologic Technology Co.,Ltd.leadership carrying Marketing Center staff 13 people went to Shanghai to participate in the<the 20th session of the China food additives and Ingredients Exhibition FIC2016 and 26th national food additive application technology exhibition.
  It is reported that FIC2016 exhibition with distinctive characteristics,committed to a full range of services to the food industry is the largest in Asia,degree of internationalization of the highest,the most authoritative food additives and ingredients industry professional brand exhibition.The exhibition Shaanxi Teamhan Biological Technology Co., this exhibition as an opportunity,good market as the starting point,by the booth,pictures,the actual products means full range of customers at home and abroad to show our"Teamhan"brand products,has attracted many domestic and foreign merchants stop,negotiation.In this exhibition,on-site signing orders at home and abroad,and a number of domestic and foreign businessmen intent are actively contact.
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