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Letter of the name of our company

2011/07/10 15:30
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Business cooperation unit:
  Our depending on the product,trademark resources integration,since November 2,2010,our unit name by"Tang Shaanxi science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd."changed to"Shaanxi Tianhan Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.","Tang Shaanxi science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd."also be cancellation of business;company various specifications models of ethyl maltol,methyl cyclopentyl enol ketone,sodium diacetate,honey emperor 8000 products since 2010 November 2,the brand for the reunification of the"Tianhan"brand,which honey emperor 8000 product name changed to"Tianhan brand"New Zealand sugar 9000.
  Please forgive me for your inconvenience!I hope to get your support as always!
  I have the pleasure to announce that!
  Report:Shaanxi Tianhan biotechnology limited company related information
  Company name:Shaanxi Tianhan Biotechnology Co.Ltd.
  Address:Yangxian County City People's Road West of Hanzhoung
  Electric words:0916-8293088
  Taxpayer identification number:610723732669850
  Bank:Yangxian County new city credit cooperatives
  Account number:2706004040120100001413
  Shaanxi Tang is Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
  November 2,2010
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